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REVIEW— Rockwall Body and Soul Massage

Before my massage at Rockwall Body and Soul yesterday, I had only had 2 massages in my life. One at a place located here in Rockwall (I won’t mention the place) and another at a spa in Plano.

Both times were relaxing, but I left disappointed. I truly felt like the massage therapist spent an hour applying lotion/oil on my back and body. I left both places not feeling great about my massage, so I resolved to the fact that maybe that’s just how massages are, and if that’s how they are, then it’s not worth it to me.

It had been over 2 years since my last massage. My husband got me a gift certificate for Rockwall Body and Soul Massage (2-hour body massage). I was excited but also a little nervous because I was afraid it was going to be like the other times.

I booked with Laura and from the moment we met, she was just so unbelievably sweet! My massage was absolutely incredible! She found muscles that I didn’t even know I had, let alone needed to be worked on! It was so relaxing and I felt like she knew exactly where to go and what pressure points to use to relieve so much stress and anxiety that I carry in those muscles!

It was a deep, hurt so good, maybe a little sore the next day, exactly what I needed, kind of massage.

I may or may not have cried a little into the headpiece when she was getting those tough spots around my shoulder blades because I was just so emotional that I was getting relief! I could tell she knew exactly what areas of my body needed work and she worked them beautifully!

Ahhh… why does 2 hours feel like 2 minutes when getting a massage! 😂

I would seriously recommend this amazing place for your massage needs! I will absolutely be going back now that I know what a massage is supposed to be like!