Jeanna' and Laura from Rockwall Body and Soul Massage

The Rockwall Body and Soul Massage Team

Each of the therapists at Rockwall Body and Soul Massage are educated, trained and licensed massage therapists so no matter which one you choose, you'll be getting a great massage.

Meet the team!

Jeanna' is the owner of Rockwall Body and Soul Massage with over 16 years of experience. She's the "Jeanna' of all trades" therapist that combines the many modalities she's learned during each session. Jeanna' is an Ashiatsu therapist, which means she uses her feet to massage as well as her hands, and a Thai massage practitioner, which is a form of bodywork done on a mat.

She also specializes in PTSD massage therapy with a deep understanding of the way the body keeps the score. She loves every aspect of massage and bodywork, creating the warm ambience and getting to know each client as she works on them.

Jeanna' is also a writer and poet,a fitness addict, a lover of trees, nature, music and dance. Her Bohemian Cowgirl room is filled with original art, bright colors and the intoxicating scents of coconut oil, jasmine and cinnamon. Jeanna' listens intentionally because she has a profound hearing loss... which means she reads lips, sits close and gives her complete attention when she's with anyone.

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