Our Team


Jeanna’ Mead, LMT


I'm Jeanna' Mead and I'm a licensed massage therapist with my own studio in Rockwall, Texas. My passion is providing my clients with therapeutic massage sessions that are customized for their needs and wants. I'm an Ashiatsu therapist and a Thai practitioner that fuses the many modalities that I've became certified in to create the best massage each time a client comes to me. I listen, I genuinely pay attention to what matters. It is one of the benefits of having a hearing loss because that means that I absolutely give my-full ,undivided attention to the person I'm with. I am also a writer and my clients and friends receive my "Jeanna' Soul" blog posts and emails-it's my way of nurturing both the body and soul of my clients.


Laura Bjeles, LMT

Laura Bjeles graduated from Parker Chiropractor College Massage Therapy program and obtained her license in September 2017. 

She is an intuitive, well rounded therapist that takes the time to develop an understanding of each clients needs and wants and creates an integrated session blending the modalities and techniques to reach the goals of the session. 

Laura is trained in therapeutic massage as well as the spa side of massage and can go smoothly from Sports Massage to Lomi Lomi to Hot Stones and foot scrubs. 

She completed a five month internship at Rockwall Body and Soul Massage after graduation while preparing for the MBLEX and is highly trained and qualified to offer massages to clients. 

Laura is fluent in America Sign Language because she is also deaf, but her cochlear implants give her the ability to hear well enough that she doesn't depend on ASL to communicate.


Christina Rolfe RN, LMT


Christina was born and raised in Nebraska and recently relocated to Texas after living in England for the past two years. She has been a Registered Nurse for 13 years and in the healthcare field for over 15 years.  She has always had a passion for alternative and complimentary medicine and struggled with western medicine’s view of the body and disease.  Christina knew that in order to help patients heal, one must also look at the body-mind connection.

In 2011 she was in a car accident which resulted in a significant back injury and a change of direction in her life.  After exploring several traditional therapies, which failed to provide any kind of significant or lasting relief, she began searching for alternative therapies.  Christina began to get some relief with gentle yoga and deep tissue massage and soon discovered a physical therapist that specialized in Myofascial Release.  In a 6 week period she went from barely being able to tie her own shoes to being back at the gym lifting weights!

With the encouragement from her physical therapist, she attended her first Myofascial Release training seminar in 2012.  In the first 5 minutes Christina realized that this was her calling and the key to helping others connect with their body’s own healing abilities.

Christina graduated with her Diploma of Massage Therapy from Universal College of Healing Arts in Omaha, Ne in 2014.  She has trained extensively in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy and had the privilege to work alongside John Barnes himself during a skills enhancement seminar.  Christina provides Myofascial Release Therapy at Rockwall Body and Soul Massage and strives to provide a therapeutic space for all those on their healing journey.


Brooke Rice-Heinlein

More to come about Brooke soon!